You may be here because you or a loved one needs help with Nursing Home Long Term Care. Medi-CalHelp.com has answers, tools and resources to help middle class families navigate the complex process of qualifying for Medi-Cal Long Term Care in a Nursing Home.

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Our LTC Experts are available to help the middle class to navigate California's rigid requirements for qualification. Thompson | Von Tungeln is California's Medi-Cal Planning Authority. Our team of Long Term Care experts can save you and your family thousands of dollars, avoiding the many pitfalls of California's Medi-Cal Long Term Care Application and Qualification process.


Can I Qualify Medi Cal Long Term Care?

With the correct planning and a sound strategy, Thompson | Von Tungeln has helped countless middle class clients qualify for Medi-Cal Long Term Care, while legally protecting assets and securing Long Term Care.

What is Medi-Cal Eligibility Planning?

Medi-Cal Eligibility Planning is about asset preservation. It involves legally purchasing, transferring, conversion and/or liquidating of assets to enable you or your loved one to qualify under Medi-Cal's test of income and resources.

Can Thompson | Von Tungeln protect my family, home and business?

If you have a net worth between $150,000 and $850,000, Thompson | Von Tungeln can usually develop a Medi Cal Eligibility plan that will legally maximize the protection of your assets, family and business, while providing you the Long Term Care that you or your loved ones need.

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The Medi Cal Elgibility Planning & Application process can be challenging. Thompson | Von Tungeln can help. Use the quick contact form below to start the process today.

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