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Medi Cal Asset Protection

Many of our clients believe they can only qualify for Medi-Cal Long Term Care and have help paying for nursing home expenses if/when they become impoverished. However,  Congress passed legislation  to protect spouses from the impoverishment a healthy spouse while the other is still living at home.  This allows most middle class families to qualify for long term care in a nursing home through Medi-Cal ( Glossary Link Medicaid) with proper planning and implementation.

In assisting our clients with Medi-Cal applications, eligibility and asset protection planning, our team of Long Term Care experts provide advice on legal strategies that can help middle-class Californians qualify for Medi-Cal benefits and, at the same time, protect the their home, income and savings, which have been accumulated over their lifetime

There are many misconceptions about the Federal Medicaid law and in particular its implementation under California's highly complex Medi Cal system. We work with our clients to preserve assets and legally avoid asset recovery by Medi-Cal following the death of the benefit recipient.



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