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The Medi Cal Qualification & Application process can be a confusing and emotional process.  With the rigid guidelines for qualification as established by California's Department of Health Care Services, one simple mistake could cost you and your family thousands of dollars.  It is critical that you have trusted professionals and an experienced team working for you if you want to protect your estate to the maximum allowed by law. Most of our clients are astonished with how much they can legally protect.

At Thompson | Von Tungeln we understand the application process and have an enviable application acceptance rate.  Our Medi Cal Experts streamline the Medi Cal Application process with impeccable attention to detail while by working with you to:

  • Prepare and explain the best options and strategies available to you, for your specific situation
  • Implement your chosen Medi Cal qualification strategy
  • Prepare and Review the Medi Cal application to ensure acceptance
  • Prepare Estate Planning documents as needed/necessary
  • Reduce and/or eliminate Medi Cal estate recovery

The team at Thompson | Von Tungeln works directly with Medi Cal,
on your behalf, through the entire application process.
Leave the difficult work up to us.



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The Medi Cal Elgibility Planning & Application process can be challenging. Thompson | Von Tungeln can help. Use the quick contact form below to start the process today.

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